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Our mission Sp. z o.o it is a modern and dynamically developing company specializing in the manufacture of innovative IRIS software and the Videocolposcope HD-1000.


IRIS software is created since 1999. Thanks to the continuous cooperation of specialists with doctors from around the world, our products meet the highest expectations of their users.


We are guided primarily by simplicity and functionality needs of our clients. Through constant development, we guarantee the highest quality of products and their adaptation to the current technology solutions.


We are certain that our products are reliable, secure and easy to use, as well as modern.


All solutions created by and proposed on the world market are certified, what makes them allow to use.


We are pioneers in introducing the most innovative solutions for demanding customers.


Confirmation of the highest quality of products is their high rate of sales through distributors of medical equipment in all medical fields.

Our team


A man who cares about the good name of the company. He represents at every event in the field of medicine, both in Poland and abroad. He has visionary looks at every aspect of the software and the Videocolposcope. He wants software options will be developing all time.



They ensure that every detail in the software is refined.
After the visionary ideas of the President, they make possible for them to be implemented in our software to improve the work of hundreds of Doctors from around the world.



Service workers will help you overcome any inconvenience that you may experience while working. No matter how far away the facility is from our office. Our support team is available to you regardless of location, you just need to call and the repair will be done remotely.

Relations with customers

Customers are number one for us.
Your satisfaction is the most important part of our job.
This is confirmed by the additional modules we have created for the needs of Specialists from Poland, Australia or New Zealand.