Videocolposcope HD-1000


The Videcolposkope HD-100- is a medical device for gynaecologists that helps imaging and diagnosing the lower part of female genitalia. 

Imaging even the slightest changes in the cervix

Image presented on the monitor
in real time

Mobile head placed on a tripod that allows you to work freely with the device


Lack of invasiveness and comfort of the patient during the examination


What is the difference between Videocolposcope HD-1000 and traditional colposcope?

Videocolposcope HD-1000

  • the image presented on the monitor
  • an internal white light source
  • infinitely variable zoom thanks to the camera with lens

Traditional colposcope

  • traditional optical system
  • an external light source
  • zoom changer in stereoscopic microscope

Very good visibility of the survey area

  • Light emitted focusing on the examined range - comfortable visibility regardless of the lighting conditions in the office
  • Wide field of view (from 5 to 150 mm)
  • Reflectance reduction filter
  • Digital negative and infrared filter to detect changes invisible to the naked eye
  • Precise, automatic image settings
  • Infinitely variable magnification adjustment (from 2x to 20x)
  • 5x faster and clearer than any other design, thanks to Full HD 1920x1080, 22-inch camera and monitor
  • The device allows you to connect an external monitor (even 3D) or TV to the device.


  • IRIS Gynecology or miniIRIS programme
  • a computer with an LCD monitor or notebook
  • a video card
  • a printer