IRIS RC/SL Software

IRIS RC/SL Software is the result of many years of cooperation with the company specialists and ophthalmologists from around the world. This software is designed for use in ophthalmic clinics and consulting rooms.
IRIS RC/SL Software records, analyzes and processes images of a retinal cameras and slit lamps. You can archive ophthalmologic examinations, as well as keeping patient records, thus supporting the diagnosis and monitoring of the disease and treatment.
Medical data collected in the software can also be used in presentations and scientific publications.


IRIS RC/SL Software allows you to: 

  • Recording of images directly from devices (eg. Canon cameras)
  • Registration images stored in the DICOM format
  • Registration of reports from other devices such as OCT, perimeter, USG
  • Advanced image analysis performed during the study by retinal camera or a slit lamp
  • Making digital planimetr measurements
  • Records patient visits
  • Extensive database with the results, diagnosis and medical history
  • Exchange of medical data in HL7 standard from the hospital information system (HIS).



IRIS RC/SL Software can import images automatically from any ophthalmic device using exchange folder. Any new digital camera (including Slit lamps and retinal cameras) is able to save images on the selected folder on the PC. IRIS RC/SL can use this data, as well as DICOM files provided to the IRIS application

Advanced image analysis from Retinal Cameras and Slit lamps:

IRIS RC/SL Software has four advanced options for comprehensive analysis of images taken during the examination:

  • Digital Planimetr measurements
  • Analysis of the optic disc
  • Panorama
  • Advanced comparing of images

Registry of the visit:

Modern software solutions which allows to collect not only images but also text information (description of diagnosis + ICD10 codes).



All the collected data (including images and results of examination) can be stored in an electronic version in the form of PDF reports, e-mailed or printed and given to the patient.

To reduce the printing costs, there is the possiblity to use white mask on the images from the images from tehe Retinal Cameras.


HL7 – a standard for the electronic exchange of information in medical environments, whereby the IRIS RC/SL Software can exchange orders and results of the examination with the HIS system.

Data archiving:

IRIS RC / SL Software has an extensive system of storage (backup), which allows for manual or automatic backups thereby protecting users against permanent data loss.

Examples of devices that upload alphanumeric data and images:

  • Retinal camera Zeiss, Canon, Topcon, Nikon and other which creates images in DICOM standard or JPG
  • Other retinal camera and slit lamps equipped with Canon cameras (live preview)
  • Other retinal camera and slit lamp which allows saving images in a specific catalog on disk (exchange folder)
  • OCT, Perimeters with the option of exporting report to thePDF file.

A comperehensive system of medical center:

IRIS RC/SL Software is a part of larger software system – IRIS software Package.

All of updates.