Other Specialization

We have prepared an IRIS PACKAGE for the institutions joining many specializations.


  • Helps support small, medium and large health care centers
  • It is a modern, integrated system
  • It was created in collaboration with doctors of different specialties and medical staff
  • It is constantly being developed and perfected
  • It is compliant with general provisions of law, including GDPR


Main tasks of the IRIS PACKAGE

  • Improving the quality and standard of services provided in medical facilities through simplicity of service combined with innovative solutions
  • Improving the work of doctors and medical staff
  • Facilitating keeping extensive documentation, statistical and reporting documentation
  • Organization of work of medical center
  • Traffic management of patients
  • Registration of medical data
  • Documentation of monetary transactions

Structure of the IRIS PACK

The division of the IRIS PACK into programs and modules allows for precise and functional adjustment to the individual needs of our clients.

The IRIS PACKAGE includes the following programs:

  • IRIS Specialization
  • IRIS Assistant
  • IRIS Schedule
  • IRIS Administration


Depending on needs, the user can select the appropriate IRIS PACKAGE configuration

  • IRIS Schedule, IRIS Specialization, IRIS Assistant can work separately or in any combination with the rest.
  • IRIS Administration Program can work in conjunction with IRIS Schedule, IRIS Specialization, and IRIS Assistant.
  • IRIS PACK has no limitation on the number of posts and users working on the system
    and is perfect for work in networking.

IRIS Specialization

It is designed for:

Specialist doctors

Module functions:

  • Records keeping of patients visits along with the results of the examination
  • Documenting the history of the disease, diagnosis, recommendations
  • Printing prescriptions and referrals
  • Create visit reports and print them later (print includes selected medical data, including images and frames from the video sequence with description)
  • Save data from a visit to a CD / DVD or a pendrive
  • Recording and analysis of photos, video, voice (eg from a videocolposcope, ultrasound, microscope, endoscope or other medical device)

IRIS Assistant

It is designed for:

  • Workers preparing patients for surgery or visits
  • Assistants during the specialist examination

Module functions:

  • Keeping a patient card and handling visits
  • Specifying in detail the permissions of the “assistant” to complete specific forms, browsing selected data or opening specific windows / bookmarks
IRIS Oprogramowanie dla przychodni

IRIS Schedule

It is designed for:

Registration staff

Module functions:

  • Entering patient data
  • Registering patients for visits of a particular type, within the indicated time limit, to selected cabinet and doctors
  • Transparent schedule of visits – there is a possibility to adjust the view of the schedule (for selected cabinets, doctors, types of visits)
  • Keeping watch of appointments, working time of the cabinets
  • Schedule appointments
  • Viewing and update patient records, including, for example, information about your doctor leading the patient
  • Keeping fee records
  • Printing a list of patients before the visit, after the visit (the so-called book of the day), summary of visits during the chosen period, office, doctor

All these functions translate into more efficient working time of the registration staff.

IRIS Oprogramowanie dla gabinetu

IRIS Administration

It is designed for:

Administrative staff

Module functions:

  • Generating basic administrative statements
  • Viewing and update patient records
  • Defining service price list
  • Invoices summaries, daily bills
  • Billing information
  • Prescription summary, medical redundancy records, patient referrals
Program do rejestracji pacjentów