Videocolposcope HD-1000

What is purpose of using our device?

The videocolpposcope is used for the imaging and diagnostics of the lower part of the female genitals tract. It is more modern version of a device known
for decades as the colposcope.
Due to the increasing incidences of cervical cancer, our company is working
with gynecologists to create equipment that will detect at the preclinical stage
of the disease more accurately and noninvasively.

Wideo kolposkop

Videocolposcope HD-1000

  • Image displayed on the monitor
  • Internal white light source
  • Smooth zoom control thanks to a camera with a lens

Features and advantages of Videocolposcope HD-1000


  • Traditional optical system
  • External white light source
  • Zoom changer in stereoscopic microscope
  • 5 times bigger and clearer image than in the other device,
    thanks to the 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1920 x 1080 camera and monitor
  • Finding even the smallest changes in the cervix due to increased resolution
  • Shorter examination time by:
    – precise, automatic image adjustment
    – smooth zoom control (from 4x to 30x)
  • The device can be operated freely by means of a movable head located
    on a tripod (it should be from 50 mm to 340 mm from the object being examined)
  • Patient comfort during examination through noninvasiveness
  • Better visibility with light emitted (visible light range 400-750 nm), which focuses only on the range
  • More accurate examination by:
    – Wide angle of view (5 mm to 150 mm)
    – Digital negative and non-infrared filter and glare reduction filter
    – Object size estimation function
  • Ability to discuss patient changes during visit due to image freeze option
    on the monitor

VC HD-1000 components:

1. Measurement head

2. Mechanical arm

3. Column

4. Base with wheels

5. 22” Full HD monitor

6. External connections

7. Monitor adjustment mechanism

8. Keyboard

9. Optical reflex filter adjustment

10. Ring illuminator

11. Wheel brakes

Kolposkop firmy

The work space

The VC HD-1000 is a freestanding device on a movable stand.
Easy access to the patient provides functionally designed arms of the device.
The configuration and dimensions of the arms and columns determine the workspace of the device.

Kolposkop przekrój

The keyboard

Layout of keyboard located at rear surface of the measurement head:

1. Illumination intensity UP
2. Illumination intensity DOWN
3. Turn on / off
4. Autofocus
5. Focus IN
6. Focus OUT
7. Filter selection
8. Zoom IN
9. Zoom OUT
10. Digital ruler/caliper on/off
11. Image freeze
12. Video signal source selection

Kolposkop HD

External connectors

12V DC power socket
ON/OFF main switch
Video component input (YPbPr)
HDMI input
HDMI output #1
HDMI output #2

Optional equipment

miniIRIS software
PC computer with LCD monitor or laptop
Video grabber card