The basic version of the IRIS Specialization program allows for the documentation of the course of visits, recording test results, and the creation and conduct of various medical consultations.

For each available specialization (gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and endoscopy), we have prepared forms tailored to the needs of specialists in that field. Dedicated forms significantly facilitate data entry during medical appointments.

The IRIS Specialization program can be enhanced with additional modules, such as Scheduler, Photo-Video, and EDM. Since each medical practice may have different needs, there is the option for individual customization of specific modules to the IRIS Specialization base.


Medical documentation of patients in one place!

Contact details, GDPR consents, visit and medical history, and other documents—all crucial patient information is available in the IRIS software. Only users with appropriate permissions can access the gathered information.

Access to eMedical Certificates, ePrescriptions, and eReferrals!

From the program, you can issue ePrescriptions, eMedical Certificates, and eReferrals without the need to log in to the eZLA system through a web browser.

Access to a patient's medical history!

From the visit window, with just one button, you can review a patient's previous test results, images, prescribed medications, and other important information.

Possibility to connect medical devices to the IRIS and miniIRIS software!

The software allows you to connect various imaging devices to the computer, such as the HD-1000 Video Colposcope, endoscope towers, ultrasound devices, laryngoscopes, or stroboscopes. This enables you to save multimedia files recorded during examinations directly in the patient's record.

Capability to edit images and increase diagnostic precision!

With image editing tools (histogram, contrast adjustment, digital filters, etc.) and the ability to perform planimetric measurements, you can extract information not visible in regular images captured by the device, and then measure the detected changes accurately.

Selection of visit forms according to your needs!

Dedicated forms for gynecologists, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, endoscopists, as well as universal forms help in conducting visits more efficiently. Forms can be grouped according to selected visit types (e.g., first visit, preparation for surgery). The ability to transcribe data from the previous visit helps shorten the time needed for formalities

Efficient Conduct of Visits with Additional Features Available in the Software

Report Wizard

Allows you to choose which data collected during the visit (including images and test results) should be included in the patient's report. The report can be customized according to your needs and then provided to the patient as a summary of the visit.

Prompt Dictionary

Frequently entered phrases can be added to the program, and with a single click, they can be inserted into the appropriate field. This speeds up the entire visit process, allowing more time for conversation with the patient and the development of a treatment plan.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

Thanks to frequent updates, the IRIS software for medical offices complies with the latest guidelines from the National Health Fund (NFZ) and legal requirements. The software meets specified standards, and we ensure continuous expansion of the program with new guidelines and options to adapt to constantly changing regulations.


We continuously develop the IRIS software, regularly adding new features and enhancements to the program. Maintaining constant communication with clients allows us to understand what changes are needed in the software to further facilitate work in medical offices and institutions.

Patient Database Migration to IRIS

If you want to change the software you are using but do not want to lose your collected data, our programmers can seamlessly transfer the entire existing patient database to the IRIS system! You don't have to worry about the security of your data, as IRIS has a range of security systems, such as defining access to the program for specific users and password management.

Technical Support

Users of the IRIS and miniIRIS medical office software can rely on assistance from our technical specialists. Support requests can be submitted via email or phone. Most issues with the program are resolved promptly through remote connection. In exceptional situations, we offer on-site visits and assistance with the program. Our technical support department operates from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

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IRIS software

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IRIS modules

The modular structure of the program allows you to tailor functions to the needs of each medical facility


MiniIRIS software

Capturing, archiving and editing photos from medical devices


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Allow you to improve and streamline the daily operation of a medical facility

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