Gynecological device

Videocolposcope VC HD-1000

The Videocolposcope VC HD-1000 is a gynecological device that helps in the imaging and diagnosis of the lower female genital tract.

What distinguishes the Videocolposcope VC HD-1000?

  • image presented on the monitor in real time,
  • internal white light source focusing on the examined range,
  • smooth magnification adjustment (from 2x to 30x),
  • wide range of field of view (from 5 to 150 mm),
  • glare reduction filter,
  • negative and red-free filter,
  • clear and large image thanks to the use of a Full HD camera and monitor – 1920x1080, 22 inches,
  • ability to connect an external monitor.

Construction of a Videocolposcope HD-1000

Tripod workspace

The Videocolposcope VC HD-1000 is a free-standing device on a self-propelled base. It has been designed to ensure functionality and easy access to the patient.


External connectors

  • 12 V power socket,
  • power switch,
  • footswitch input,
  • 1 HDMI input,
  • 2 HDMI outputs.

Additional equipment

  • IRIS or miniIRIS software,
  • video card,
  • foot button,
  • HDMI cable.