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storing medical records in one place IRIS software

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capturing and storing diagnostic images miniIRIS software

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new view on colposcopy Videocolposcope VC HD-1000

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IRIS and miniIRIS software for medical facilities

We are the producer of IRIS and miniIRIS software created for medical facilities to facilitate the work of doctors. The IRIS program consists of modules. This allows you to tailor the program's functions to the needs of a private doctor's office, a large medical center or specialized hospital departments.

IRIS Any Specialization IRIS Gynecology IRIS Ophthalmology IRIS Endoscopy IRIS Otolaryngology miniIRIS

IRIS and miniIRIS allow you to connect your imaging device (e.g. videocolposcope, endoscope, ultrasound) with a computer, thanks to which all multimedia will be automatically saved in the patient's card.

IRIS software for medical offices is perfect for general organization of the work of a medical center, patient traffic management, registration of medical data, and documentation of monetary transactions.

It can also be used as an irreplaceable statistical tool, allowing the selection and compilation of data from a specific scope of activity of a medical unit.

miniIRIS is a simplified, fully functional version of the software used for processing, archiving and editing multimedia from imaging devices.

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About us is a Polish company producing software and medical equipment. For over 20 years, we have been helping medical facilities improve their work and patient service. Thanks to many years of presence on the market, we are aware of expectations and changing technologies. That is why we are constantly developing and introducing further improvements to our products, cooperating with the best specialists in the field of ophthalmology, otolaryngology, endoscopy and gynecology.

Our flagship product, the IRIS software, with its modular design, allows tailoring the program's features to meet the needs of every medical facility, from private medical offices to specialized imaging laboratories. Its smaller version - miniIRIS is perfect for capturing, archiving and editing photos from medical devices.

We provide substantive and technical support at the stage of software implementation and operation. We strive to maintain constant contacts with our clients to ensure that the quality of our services is at the highest level.

We are aware of the significant issue of cervical cancer in Poland. Therefore, aiming to contribute to the improvement of diagnostic quality and increase awareness among women, we have developed the videocolposcope VC HD-1000. It is one of the most modern devices of this type on the market. Thanks to cooperation with gynecologists, the device was designed to ensure non-invasiveness and comfort of the examination for both the patient and the doctor performing the examination. In addition to the IRIS Gynecology program, we have created a form "Description of colposcopy according to PTKiPSM" based on the latest nomenclature of the Polish Society of Colposcopy and Pathophysiology of the Cervix, while receiving the Society's acceptance and recommendation.

Our mission is to provide innovative software solutions for medical facilities. Our main goal is to facilitate the work of medical staff and increase the efficiency of healthcare processes. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products to meet the changing needs of the medical sector, while ensuring safety, protection of patient data and compliance with legal regulations and the regulation of the Minister of Health on the types of electronic medical records.

We are constantly developing and improving to be at the forefront of innovation and meet the ever-growing needs of the medical industry. We are committed to building strategic partnerships with medical facilities to provide reliable software that complies with current legal requirements and cooperates with medical systems using the HL7 and DICOM protocols.

All actions we take are aimed at providing the best and comprehensive products and services.
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Hundreds of doctors and medical facilities have already trusted us!

„ sp. z o.o. is a reliable supplier that met our needs and developed the IRIS RC/SL module especially for our Ophthalmologists. Program supports the work of over 400 facilities across Australia.”. Robert Sarkle’s Director at Optimed Pty Lld.

„IRIS is extremely useful in the daily work of doctors in the facility, I cannot imagine working without this program. It is intuitive to use and speeds up the work of doctors and staff. The technical support of specialists is at very high level. I highly recommend cooperation with” Marcin Halbersztadt Medfemina Sp. z o.o.

„Thanks to the focus adjustment function of Videocolposcope VC HD-1000, I can precisely diagnose the cervix and perform surgical procedures. Another advantage is the built-in optical glare reduction system, which eliminates unwanted light reflections. This makes the examination very accurate.” Prof. Zw. dr hab. Andrzej Malarewicz University of Business and Entrepreneurship in Ostrowiec Św.

„The company sp. z o.o. is professionalism, reliability, modern solutions and trouble-free service. Collaboration during software implementations in several facilities and their success is the best showcase of our many years of cooperation. I always recommend IRIS medical software to my physician friends who are looking for the best practice management solution.” Dariusz Morajda Vice President Medart-bis

„I have been using the IRIS program since I started running my ENT practice. The program is simple and intuitive to use. What convinced me to use the program was the ability to take and archive photos and video files. An important feature of the program is that it practically does not hang while it is running. Another important feature of the program is its online support via I can always count on help if something goes wrong and requests to improve the program are taken into account in updates. I recommend the program and at the moment I have not found a program that could replace IRIS.” lek. med. Jarosław Bukwald Specialized Medical Practice

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